Sunday, November 2, 2014

457/365 - KISSfits

457/365 - KISSfits

October 31, 2014.  Live music on Halloween is often a set of covers, where bands become other bands. Liar's Club held a mash-up event, where each of four bands performed the music of two bands. My band, Squared Off became Stiff Cocks, playing the songs of Stiff Little Fingers and Cock Sparrer. Balls Aldrin became NOFun, covering NOFx and The Stooges. Chicago Thrash Ensemble were Hate Breeders, playing Hatebreed and Misfits songs. The headliners were KISSfits, costumed equally as members of KISS and the Misfits, and performing a set of both bands' songs, complete with blood spewing and fire-breathing. It was loud, chaotic, and fun, except for women continually trying to fight. I didn't see any punching, pushing, or shoving from men, but women were bonkers. In all fairness, though, half of those (or more) involved Dolly Parton, imagining affronts and assaults from bystanders and going on the attack. I think Dolly had too much to drink before the night was half over.

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Hallo Dolly said...

Ha! Dolly Parton here. You’re absolutely right about the too much to drink part. Not so much in the imagined affront but she was probably more intoxicated than I. I did, however, sign an official pact with The Devil so there’s that.