Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 123 - 2012, Baby

Day 123 - 2012, Baby, originally uploaded by Mikey Brick.
Jan 1, 2012.  Every New Year's Day, a throng of Chicagoans plunges into the frigid waters of Lake Michigan, as do many people all over the world with their nearby bodies of water. I don't know how many of those plunges include a New Year Baby, but Chicago certainly had one. Although there aren't chunks of ice in the water, I assure you it was cold. The wind was very strong, and the wind chill was 21º F. It started snowing as I left the beach on my bike, but none of it has stuck to the ground, at least in the city. I'm sure the beach is actually covered in white powder mixed with sand, if the wind let any of it settle. I'll have at least two more chances this winter to see maniacs rushing into the lake, and I plan to bring them both to you, so keep your eyes peeled. Feel free to check my flickr page (clicking the photo will get you there) to see many more of these locos frios.

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