Friday, August 30, 2013

030/365 - Cloud Gate

030/365 - Cloud Gate, originally uploaded by Mikey Brick.
August 30, 2013. After I ate lunch today, I hit the street as usual to look for something to photograph. I found myself going toward Millennium Park, where I found quite a crowd at the Crown Fountain (it was hot today), but no characters or behavior that demanded photographing. Next thing I knew, I was walking toward The Bean. I find it nearly impossible to avoid photographing that thing, but I felt I could do it. I became more optimistic when I heard music from three different areas and remembered that Jazz Fest started yesterday. Two of the acts were inside tents that I didn't think I had time to navigate. One was rehearsing and/or soundchecking at the Pritzker Pavilion, but there were barriers preventing me from getting very close. I took a few shots anyway, but there was nothing special. Heading back toward work, I had to pass the Cloud Gate again, and braced myself against the lure of taking a photo of that giant mirrored bean. I almost made it away, but then I saw these tourists (speaking Italian, I think), my eyes drawn for the obvious reasons. Looking up at the reflection in The Bean, I noticed her admirers as well, and captured this moment as I passed by on my way back to work.


Faith said...

For obvious reasons! Love this, the capture and the photographer!

Mike Travis said...

Thanks, Faith! Love you, too!