Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 1

Day 1, originally uploaded by Mikey Brick.

Today I'm beginning my third Project 365 - one photo a day for a full year. It's a somewhat difficult undertaking, even though I shoot nearly every single day anyway. Maybe this time will be a little easier since three friends began on the same day. My hope is that day 365's picture will be all four of us celebrating the completion of our projects. Two of us have done it before and are aware of how often we end up with mundane copout photos taken after 11:30 pm. Of those photos, it seems the obvious subjects to fall back on were our dogs and ourselves. Our averages for relying on those wasn't too bad, though - somewhere around ten (of our own) dogs per year and a dozen or so self portraits on average. I can't imagine doing this with a self portrait every day. My admiration goes to those who do it. I don't like to feel that I've used the same shot twice in my Project 365.

So here's the beginning - my bike with a new drivetrain after fifteen years, and riding great.


Scxhildgen said...

I'll tell you if you're f!@#'n up!

Mike Travis said...

Please do!