Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 29 - Grand & Milwaukee

Day 29 - Grand & Milwaukee, originally uploaded by Mikey Brick.

I caught the Blue Line home from my morning errands before work, and here's a shot of the station. I had an appointment for a hearing test (I've played drums for about 30 years), but the Hearing Center didn't send new forms to my doctor's office, and who knows how many others, whenever they may have moved. So I went where the referral said I should go, which is now a dermatologist. Then I walked a mile and a half to an address 3 blocks away from where the receptionist told me to go on the phone, because I didn't hear her too clearly. Then I called them to say "forget it" and took the train home. Reschedule? No. I'll just continue to wear earplugs around bands to prevent further damage. It's not like I was gonna get any hearing back.

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