Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cycle September 22

Cycle September 22, originally uploaded by Mikey Brick.

While eating at the Rocking Horse in Logan Square, I watched a girl careening down the sidewalk. First she was coming toward the window next to me, then arced toward a parked car trying to get her feet on the ground. No, it wasn't a fixie with no brakes. It was a big, fat cruiser which definitely had brakes. A few minutes later I saw one of her friends (possibly the owner) struggling to lock the bike at a bike rack. Eventually she settled on locking the front wheel to the rack. In that location, it might be fine. Then again, they might get wasted, maybe hang out a few doors down at The Owl until 4 am, and decide to take a cab home. If that happens, I almost guarantee that tomorrow there will be nothing but the wheel locked to the bike rack. Walking down the street, I stopped to photograph these bikes. I noticed when editing the photo that one of these bikes is locked up the same way. Maybe that person is in the 7-11 and got away with it. Then again, maybe tomorrow there will be two lone wheels attached to Logan Square bike racks. People who ride bikes in the city and own locks do know better, don't they?

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