Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 359 - Unpainted

Day 359 - Unpainted, originally uploaded by Mikey Brick.

August 24, 2012. Exiting the train at Clark and Lake, I spotted a group of unusually dressed guys and girls, so I had to take their photo. As I could tell, they were on their way to a show (Dayglow, the world's largest paint party!), and the group grew as more people came down the escalator. At 3 am when I was in the station to return home, several people that had been there were on the platform, covered in fluorescent paint.


Hannah said...

I can point out all the Topshop items. So excited that I won't have this complex anymore.

Mike Travis said...

I used to work for a place in Tampa that printed sports apparel licensed by the NCAA, Major League Baseball, etc. A decade later I still remembered item numbers (such as 1544) and color codes. I would sometimes recognize them on the street, too, and say to myself things like "2972L," for University of Texas burnt orange bike shorts, or "1544RW," for a red and white sweatshirt with say, a St. Louis Cardinals screenprint. It's mostly out of my head now, though.