Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 366 - Spider-Man!

Day 366 - Spider-Man!, originally uploaded by Mikey Brick.

August 31, 2012. Third time's a charm. I began doing the same photo-a-day project two previous times. I got really close both times, but fizzled out both times. The first one was busted up by moving to Chicago. I shot a bunch of it on film, which required me filling those slots later than some of the days that followed, and didn't have a computer of internet for about a week and a half surrounding the move. The difficulty of organizing those days, especially with all the film I needed to develop without knowing where to go, was enough to throw me off. A year ago, I figured I'd be celebrating on August 31 with Stacy, Hannah, and Tara, who all began with me. Only Hannah made it to the end, and she's been gone a few days already. I did get together with Stacy and Tara anyway at an Atlas Moth show. Girl Talk was playing on the next block, and Spider-Man is apparently into that. While we were standing outside of Ultra Lounge, here he came from the Congress Theatre. It's not the celebratory shot of the four of us (see Day 358 for that), but Spidey's a pretty good closer, I think.

Except it's not really closed! The remainder of 2012 will have months where I maintain a theme in daily photographs. 2013 will be a new project that coincides with the calendar year for a change. It will be 52 faces - a portrait per week for the year. Step right up volunteers, just not all at once.

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