Saturday, September 7, 2013

037/365 - Loves Me/Loves Me Not

September 6, 2013. After work, I went to a couple of gallery openings, one of which featured a fantastic large-scale sculpture by an artist I know named Jason Hawk. His works in metal and other materials are among some of my favorite work, and partially responsible for encouraging my desire to create in three dimensions, which I've barely toyed with in the past. This is a detail of the work, a "love machine" which dominates the room in which it is displayed. Go see it, and eat some of the candy. You may not know this, but SweetHearts candies actually have flavors. We tend to get them into our mouths after months inside their boxes when they've gone stale and all their flavors have become one general SweetHearts sugary flavor with just the slightest hint of difference between each color of candy. Jason's piece has lots of fresh candy, and the presence of discernible flavors is astounding. The art, which includes artists besides Jason Hawk, and mediums other than sculpture is worth looking at, and all based broadly on the theme of love. The art is on display at the Merit School of Music, 38 S. Peoria St in Chicago as part of this year's Beethoven Festival.

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