Sunday, September 15, 2013

046/365 - Sad, Wet Clown

046/365 - Sad, Wet Clown, originally uploaded by Mikey Brick.

September 15, 2013. Today was the final day of Riot Fest, and it was cool and rainy. I found this sad clown wandering away after a stellar set by Quicksand. I was also very impressed with Mission of Burma and Bob Mould. Against Me! sounded great. Suicidal Tendencies were as cyco as expected, tight as hell, and exploding with aggro energy. Peelander Z was insanely fun. The Pixies seemed to start each song a bit tentatively, but sounded really good once they got going, though the absence of Kim Deal was definitely noticeable. White Mystery was rock and roll redhead chaos - and that's good. And the Replacements! So good, even with out-of-tune moments, and a few instances of chord and lyrical forgetfulness. The songs are fantastic, including the cover of "Maybellene." And that's just the bands that I saw on Sunday. The sogginess was completely worth it.

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