Friday, September 13, 2013

043/365 - Do It, Roger

043/365 - Do It, Roger, originally uploaded by Mikey Brick.

September 12, 2013. The Fabulous Ladies of Fitness brought their monthly dance party to Cole's Bar with a tribute to Roger Troutman and Zapp alongside guest DJ's DJ LA Jesus and Ghosthouse. There were lots of bumping beats, basslines, vocoders and bouncing booties. There was also a guy excitedly insisting that Cameo's "Word Up" was straight up "DC in the 90's." I decided to not music-nerd out on him and argue that Cameo is from Atlanta (I think), and that song is their biggest hit from the 80's (I know). It was still fun that he and his date were dancing away and having a good time. The next FLOF party will be Hip-Hop Halloween at Cole's. It's going to be a blast. Be there if you can!

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